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Structural Review Recommendations

The following recommendations were approved by the InternetNZ Council on October 14, 2007.

From InternetNZ Council Covering Paper

It is recommended that Council:

(a) note that staff have not yet been consulted about the changes proposed to the structure of InternetNZ and that this must occur before any final decisions are taken.

(b) note that feedback from staff, subsidiaries and members should be considered before any final decisions can be taken.

(c) agree that consultation with staff commences immediately.

(d) note that all information in these papers must be treated as Confidential to Council Members Only until the consultation processes are underway.

(e) agree that consultation also occurs with NZDNR Ltd and NZOC on the package of changes.

(f) agree that member consultation should follow once consultation with staff and subsidiaries is well underway.

(g) agree that all feedback is consolidated and considered initially by the Structural Review Advisory Panel and the Implementation Manager.

(h) note that all feedback will be summarised for the December Council meeting with recommendations for changes where appropriate.

(i) approve the paper, InternetNZ Council – Functions and Role Descriptions.

(j) approve the planning and reporting timetables set out in the paper, Planning and Reporting Timetable.

(k) note that the actual dates will need to be set annually based on the date of the AGM, and depending on dates of weeks/weekends.

(l) approve the policy accountabilities, as set out in the paper Policy Accountabilities in the Future.

(m) agree that each business unit should have a documented public policy development process approved by the InternetNZ Council.

(n) approve the key principles to be followed in the public policy development process.

(o) approve the paper, Nominations and Appointments to Boards.

(p) establish a Nominations Committee as soon as possible to be ready to start the process for appointments to the Domain Name Commission Ltd and the InternetNZ Board, if these business units are approved at the December Council meeting.

(q) note that NZDNR Ltd has a tenure policy approved by the InternetNZ Council that means that finite terms are not set for board appointments.

(r) agree in principle, (subject to consultation with the NZDNR Board) that as members of NZDNR board come up for re-appointed, they are appointed on the basis of the new policy (i.e. for a finite term).

(s) agree that there will be no retrospective application of the maximum term limit for either NZDNR board members who are reappointed, or for members of the NZOC who are appointed to the DNC Board.

(t) approve the paper, Remuneration Policy.

(u) agree in principle to a shared services model for the provision of administrative support services.

(v) request that the Executive Director, InternetNZ and the Domain Name Commissioner to investigate a shared services approach and to report back on their proposed use of such a unit.

(w) (i) request the Board of New Zealand Domain Name Registry Limited to consider support for the establishment of a shared services unit, and

(ii) authorise their General Manager to participate in discussions with the Executive Director and Domain Name Commissioner on the range and scope of services to be included.

(x) request the InternetNZ Board to recruit a Council administrator/Council Secretary to support Council.

(y) request a report back on progress at the December Council meeting.

(z) note that the benefits of, and obligations to, members should not change as a result of the structural changes.

(aa) note that members’ input into the public policies of the business units is strengthened through the requirement for each unit to have a documented policy development process (approved by the InternetNZ Council), and for this process to comply with the key principles for policy development.

(ab) agree that Council should run an annual consultation process with members prior to the development of Statements of Expectations for the business units.

(ac) note that the Council may wish to have a regular communication with members, reporting on its own achievements and those of the business units.

(ad) agree that Council receives regular reports on membership numbers and changes.

From InternetNZ Board Covering Paper

It is recommended that Council:

(a) approve the paper, InternetNZ Board – Terms of Reference.

(b) approve the paper, InternetNZ Board – Delegations and Authorities.

From DNC Ltd Covering Paper

It is recommended that Council:

(a) approve the paper, Domain Name Commission Limited – Terms of Reference.

(b) authorise the Domain Name Commissioner and Chair of the NZOC to work with the Structural Review Advisory Panel on drafting the constitution for the DNC Limited and incorporation issues, and to report back to the December Council meeting with a draft constitution and implementation timeline.

(c) approve the paper, Domain Name Commission Limited – Delegations and Authorities.

(d) approve the paper, Domain Name Commission Limited – Reporting to InternetNZ.

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