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Unconstrained Broadband

(Links to Strategy 2: Advocacy and Public Policy)

Sponsor: David Farrar

Staff Support: Jordan Carter

Status: Active Smiley Smiley 


A “catch all” budget line funding all InternetNZ work involved in promoting the rollout of fast broadband across New Zealand. The outcome sought is the fastest possible deployment of useful infrastructure, working with the new Government to make sure its intention to invest public funds becomes a carefully considered policy framework and delivers desirable outcomes.


$55,000 has been budgeted for the Unconstrained Broadband project in 2009/10.

Overall Progress Summary:

In June it became clear that the announcements of the next steps in the Broadband Investment Initiative would take longer than first planned. The more realistic timetable now apparent is welcome. We anticipate announcements in August or September.

InternetNZ will analyse and respond appropriately when more detail is released, and continues to advocate for its preferred approach, supporting the regional option the government has proposed.

Further work will be required on applications and the benefits of the infrastructure, which will be considered in August.

Activities Planned for August 2009

  • Monitor responses to BII and contribute to the public debate as required.


July 2009

  • Await further moves from Government regarding the BII.

June 2009

  • Attend TelCon10 conference.
  • Await further moves from Government regarding the BII.

May 2009

  • Monitor BII input from others.
  • Attend FTTH Council AP Conference, Melbourne.

April 2009

  • Prepare and lodge submission responding to Govt Broadband Investment Initiative.

March 2009

  • NZCID Function on 6 March to introduce report to infrastructure investor audience.

February 2009

  • Propagated the Network Strategies report as widely as possible through media and to relevant stakeholders.

January 2009:

  • Meet with new ministers on Broadband issues if possible.
  • Propagate the Network Strategies report as widely as possible through media and to relevant stakeholders.


December 2008:

  • Network Strategies report received and published.

  • Met with new ministers on Broadband issues.

November 2008:

  • Assist Network Strategies with Phase 2 report and receive this report.

  • Prepared briefing note for the new government, post-election.


October 2008:

  • Research continued on Stage 2 of the NS report.
  • Published transcript of Internet leaders debate.
  • Prepared survey of political parties on ICT and broadband issues, and sought responses.

September 2008:

  • Decided to proceed with Stage Two of the broadband report, research under way.

  • Published Stage One of the report.
  • Conducted Election Year Debate in association with TVNZ on 23 September.

August 2008:

  • Commissioned contractor for Broadband Strategy report.

  • Developed Election Year debate concept and begin publicity around this.

July 2008:

  • Evaluated RFP responses.

  • Developed Election Year debate concept.

June 2008:

  • Achieved Council signoff for RFP after further PPC deliberation, and RFP released.

  • Prepared and lodged submission on Broadband Investment Fund criteria.

May 2008:

  • Public Policy committee signed off on new approach to the campaign.

  • RFP for consultant effort related to the above commenced.

  • Placed "public campaign" planning on hold for the time being.
  • Meet with various stakeholders to discuss approach to fibre.

April 2008:

  • Meet consultants to consider campaign strategies.
  • Evaluate best model to advocate for.
  • Prepare draft campaign outline for May Committee meeting.

March 2008:

  • Project initiated.
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