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Cyberlaw Fellowship

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Sponsor: David Farrar

Staff Support: Campbell Gardiner

Status: Active Smiley Smiley   


The Cyberlaw Fellowship is a Research Fellow at the VUW Law School, part funded by InternetNZ.


$90,000 in 2009/10

Overall Progress Summary:

The Cyberlaw Fellowship is about to enter its fourth year. A yet-to-be-completed review of the first two years was started in mid-2008.

Activities Planned for next month:

  • Cyberlaw Fellow research topic to be decided.
  • Public announcement made.


September 2009:

  • InternetNZ welcome lunch for Cyberlaw Fellow.
  • Cyberlaw Fellow began tenure.

June 2009:

  • InternetNZ internal Cyberlaw meeting held. 

May 2009

  • Updated Cyberlaw section of website with additional historical information.

March - April 2009

  • Fourth Cyberlaw Fellow selected (Jon Penney).
  • Cyberlaw Fellow (Cynthia La Berge) presentation on 27 April.

February 2009

  • 9 applications received for 2009 Cyberlaw Fellowship.
  • David Farrar appointed to interview panel.
  • Cynthia's position extended for 4 weeks.

January 2009:

  • Advertising for 2009 Cyberlaw Fellow.

November - December 2008:
  • Cyberlaw Fellow attendance at Lawrence Lessig public lecture and meeting with Judge David Harvey.
  • Cyberlaw Fellow continued research activities.

October 2008:

  • The Cyberlaw Fellow's teaching course (LAWS 431 / 531) has now finished, with a handful of students intending to continue in the area of Cyberlaw.

August 2008:

  • Cyberlaw Fellow attended the second Annual Privacy Forum.

July 2008:

  • Cyberlaw Fellow presentation to the 2008 AGM.
  • Review of first two years of Cyberlaw Project continued.

March / April 2008:

  • 2008 Cyberlaw Fellow - Cynthia La Berge - appointed. The media release announcing Cynthia's appointment can be found here.
  • 2008 Fellow commenced position.

January 2008:

  • Meeting of appointments committee to appoint the 2008 Fellow.
  • Meeting of Cyberlaw Mgmt Committee to consider topics to suggest to the 2008 Fellow.

December 2007:

  • Applications closed for the 2008 Fellowship.
  • Interviewing commenced by the Appointments Committee.
  • Judit Bayer's research published as a VUW Working Paper.
  • Philip Greene completed the second year's Fellowship (2007) and returned to the USA.
  • A paper on Internet Governance authored by Philip Greene can be found here.

October 2007:

  • Victoria University advertising for 2008 Cyberlaw Fellow.

September 2007:

  • InternetNZ committee planning discussion held to discuss Cyberlaw project into the future.
  • Recommendation of a review of the first two years to be undertaken in May / June 2008.

July - August 2007:

  • Management Committee met to discuss progress of this year's Fellow and the recruitment process for next year's.
  • Requirements for publication and format of publication of Dr Beyer's paper agreed with Victoria University of Wellington.

May 2007:

  • Invited Fellow to lunch with Public Policy Committee, to be held in June 2007.
  • Held welcome function for Fellow, a good turnout and a useful evening.

February - March 2007:

  • Second Cyberlaw Fellow (Philip Greene) attended Council meeting in March.
  • Media release on appointment issued. The media release can be found here.
  • Met with Susy Frankel from VUW and Philip Greene, to discuss the 2007 programme.
  • Ongoing discussion with VUW on publication of last year's work.

December 2006 - January 2007:

  • Dr Beyer presented key findings from her research on 15 December 2006.

  • Received final draft for the 2006 research at 31 December 2006, and gained VUW's agreement to share document with Lowndes Jordan immediately, to assist in the preparation of submissions to the Copyright Bill - most useful aspects of "notice and notice" regime for ISP's in copyright infringement notifications.

  • Prepared draft press release announcing appointment of 2007 Cyberlaw Fellow.

September - October 2006:

  • Public lecture by Dr Beyer on 3 October 2006; some interesting aspects of ISP liability being researched.

  • Victoria University confirmed that they are concluding negotiations with next year's Cyberlaw Fellow.

August 2006:

  • Presentation by Cyberlaw Fellow to InternetNZ AGM.
  • A PowerPoint of the presentation can be found here.

January - February 2006:

  • Bayer commenced her position as Cyberlaw Fellow, with a research topic on Liability of ISPs for Third Party Content.

July - August 2005:

  • Dr Judit Bayer, Ph.D. graduate from University of Eotvos Lorand (ELTE) in Hungary recruited as first Cyberlaw Fellow.

  • The media release announcing Judit's appointment can be found here.

November 2003:

  • In November 2003, InternetNZ and Victoria University signed agreement relating to the Cyberlaw Fellowship; and an advertising campaign commenced. 
  • Cyberlaw Agreement - November 2003
October 2003: 
  • In October 2003, approval was sought at Council for proceeding with the INZ / VUW Cyberlaw Initiative - Cyberlaw Initiative Report (09/10/2003).
  • The following motions were moved and CARRIED U at Council:
  • MOVED: (Keith Davidson seconded David Farrar): "THAT 1. approval in principle to establish the InternetNZ Research Fellow in Cyber Law at School of Law, Victoria University. 2. that the InternetNZ total contribution will not exceed $85,000 per annum. 3. that the term of sponsorship shall be for three years provided that the objectives and deliverables set out in the partnership agreement have been met. 4. that Executive Committee is authorized to negotiate final details of the partnership agreement with VUW".

  • InternetNZ - Victoria University Cyberlaw Initiative (Business Case)
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