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Sponsor: Michael Sutton

Staff Support: Campbell Gardiner

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The Telecommunications Carriers' Forum (TCF) produced a report on ENUM (Telephone Number Mapping) for New Zealand in May 2006, describing their proposed approach to the future developments in ENUM.

InternetNZ has an ENUM task force (not currently active), tasked with developing ENUM activities and recognising the importance of both carriers and users in the development of co-ordinated high-level ENUM policies.


$20,000 was budgeted for the ENUM project in 2008/09.

Overall Progress Summary:

Following a discussion with the TCF Board on 8 December 2006 it was agreed that the ENUM project would be 'suspended' due to pressures from other regulatory activities.

Activities planned for next month:

  • None.


June 2009:

  • Received ENUM briefing from Jay at NZRS. 

December 2008:

November 2008:

  • Repaired the 'ENUM Taskforce' section of the website, including re-instating the Catalyst software downloads.

October 2008:

  • Included comments on ENUM in Commerce Commission NGN submission.

May 2008:

  • Tech-Pol & Pub-Pol Committees discussed the possibility of holding a user ENUM trial with WorldxChange.
  • Note: At the Tech-Pol meeting in May it was agreed that NZRS will develop a business case re: ENUM trial, and will report back.

January 2008 - present:

  • Project 'On-Hold'.

December 2007:

  • Discussed with TCF Board on 8 December 2007 and agreed to suspend until 30 November 2008, due to pressures from other regulatory activities.
  • December Council meeting agreed with above approach.

October 2006 - December 2007:

  • Project 'On-Hold'.

September 2006:

  • Exec Dir met with Malcolm Alexander (Chair of the TCF) on 21 September 2006 and agreed that due to the excessive resourcing pressure on the TCF and INZ due to the telco regulatory changes, that the work of the joint working group on ENUM be suspended until April 2007.
  • M Alexander agreed that re-engagement at that time would involve INZ's input into policy development in cooperation with the TCF.

June - August 2006:

  • TCF ENUM Report received and considered.

  • TCF letter to Minister received and being considered by ENUM-TF.

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