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ICT Industry Coordination

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Staff Support: Keith Davidson

Status: Active Smiley Smiley


New project in 2008/09 Business Plan, seeking to foster the development of intra-industry co-operation.

The ICT sector is fragmented and represented by a large number of independent organisations, and this project established to see what INZ can catalyse from the divergent siblings organisations to foster greater collaboration.

INZ has already initiated ICT*, a collaborative 1/4rly meeting between InternetNZ, TUANZ, NZ Computer Society, ALGIM and Women in Technology.

NOTE: The subsequent establishment of the Digital Development Council and work towards the Digital Development Forum reducesthe priority for this project, with substantial efforts happening within those fora.



Overall Progress Summary:

Generally superceded by the establishment of the Digital Development Council, but may be benefits in closer co-operation between the similar siblings on operational issues.

Activities Planned for May 2009:

  • None.


March 2009:

  • NZNOG trust deed signed, application for charitable status and IRD number made, bank account established and cash transferred from INZ balance sheet to the trust bank account.
  • NZNOG Trust now a completed part of this workstream - SSU to provide ongoing secretariat support to this trust.

February 2009:

  • Ongoing work with NZNOG trustees and Gavin Adlam

January 2009:

  • NZNOG presentation made, and general enthusiasm from NOG to proceed with the establishment of the NZNOG Trust.

November 2008:

  • Continue drafting work with Gavin Adlam and discussions with the NOG.
  • Meeting of ICT* group scheduled for 18 November in Auckland. I will not be attending, INZ President has it scheduled.

October 2008:

1. Commenced small aspect of this project to assist NZNOG in establishing a more formal structure, met with representatives of the NOG, and then with Honorary Solicitor Gavin Adlam, to formulate the most suitable structure for this group. General agreement that a charitable trust would be ideal, and started ongoing process to draft a suitable trust deed, leading towards presenting to the NZNOG January 2009 conference on the recommended structure. Estimated total costs are $4,000 - $4,500.

2. No other activities relating to the ICT* group.

September 2008:

Group from INZ, TUANZ, Computer Society, WIT and ALGIM met in September, reviewed calendars and events and will try to coordinate activities going forward.

June 2008:strong>

Meeting of ICT* group

April 2008:

Meeting of ICT* group

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