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Overseas Speakers

(Links to Strategy 2: Advocacy and Public Policy)

Sponsor: President

Staff Support: Richard Currey

Status: On hold Smiley_Indifferent


Various informal discussions indicated the opportunity to make use of appropriate speakers when in the Pacific. Guests are to be invited to New Zealand with events fitted around their visits.


$7,500 in 2009/10.

Overall Progress Summary:

The following list of potential overseas speakers have been identified should suitable opportunity arise:

  • Michael Geist
  • Lawrence Lessig
  • Diane Cabell
  • Jonathan Zittrain
  • Jimmy Wales
  • Tom Vest
  • Professor Lawrence Lessig
  • Tony Lentino
  • Gordon Cook

Activities Planned for July 2009:

  • None.


April 2009:

  • Project had been on hold since December 2008

September 2008:

InternetNZ sponsored James Hettrick to travel to NZ, and helped organise workshops.

July 2008:

Tony Lentino identified as potential speaker.

May 2008:

Richard Stallman and Professor Lawrence Lessig identified as potential speakers.

January 2007:

Tom Vest attended the 2007 NZNOG meeting.

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