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NetSafe Strategic Partnership

(Links to Strategy 2: Advocacy and Public Policy)

Sponsor: N/A

Staff Support: Jordan Carter

Status: Active Smiley Smiley


InternetNZ sponsors NetSafe in a strategic partnership, to the value of $100,000 per year paid as a block grant.

NetSafe is a world-leading advocate and thought-leader in cyber safety. InternetNZ's partnership goes well beyond simple funding: InternetNZ staff and councillors contribute to NetSafe events and vice versa, and Jordan is a regular attendee at NetSafe members' group meetings.

NetSafe gains from InternetNZ's point of view being part of its deliberations; InternetNZ gains from supporting a quality advocate for cyber safety which is one of InternetNZ's objectives.


$100,000 in 2009/10.

Overall Progress Summary:

Staff continue to attend regular group meetings, share InternetNZ's knowledge and experience, and learn from the proceedings of the meetings.

Activities Planned for August 2009:

  • Attend regular members' meeting.


July 2009:
  • Richard Currey attended the July meeting, which was an update on the progress of Hector's World Ltd.
June 2009:
  • The "Spotlight" meeting for June was cancelled due to the late pulling out of a speaker.
  • Jordan Carter and Richard Currey met with Martin Cocker to continue ongoing operational discussions between the two organisations.
May 2009: 
  • No staff available for this month's meeting.
April 2009:
  • Jordan Carter attended the monthly meeting, discussing the creation of OCEANZ (child protection online service of the NZ Police), and DIA's trial of filtering software.
March 2009: 
  • Jordan Carter and Keith Davidson attended the monthly meeting, dealing with a range of health issues affected by online matters.
February 2009: 
  • Richard Wood attended NetSafe meeting, at which MySpace and TradeMe presented on social networking security issues.
January 2009: 
  • Jordan Carter met with NetSafe ED to discuss plans for the year.
December 2008:
  • Did not attend AGM due to other commitments.

September - November 2008:

  • Attended regular members' meeting.
July 2008
  • Attended NetSafe Conference in Queenstown (Jordan Carter, and Michael Wallmannsberger from the Council).
  • Discussions with NetSafe staff and board regarding copyright issues.

April - June 2008

  • Attended regular members' meeting.
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