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Sponsor: David Farrar

Staff Support: Keith Davidson

Status: Active Smiley Smiley


The NZNOG project relates to InternetNZ's support of the New Zealand Network Operator's Group; specifically, sponsoring their annual conference $10,000 (Platinum Sponsor).

The annual NZNOG conference is used as an outreach, with an aim to recruit five new members.

Note: InternetNZ took on an administrative role for NZNOG, a bank account has been set up and InternetNZ is also now handling their accounts.

InternetNZ has been a long time supporter of the NZNOG  by attending and sponsoring the annual conference $10,000 (Platinum Sponsor).


$10,000 has been budgeted for the NZNOG project in 2009/10.

Overall Progress Summary:

Details of past and upcoming NZNOG conferences are available at the following link:

Activities Planned:

  • Project on hold until NZNOG10 approaches.


March 2009:

  • NZNOG Trust established and operational

February 2009:

  • Attended to payments relating to the NOG09 conference.

January 2009

  • ED attended NZNOG09, provided INZ presentation on Copyright, Broadband Infrastructure, Honeypot, IPv6 and ENUM.

November 2008

  • approved $10,000 budget for NZNOG09 conference

October 2008

  • As reported in ICT Industry Coordination, working with NOG group re creation of a suitable structure for the NOG. 
  • NZNOG now using INZ provided servers.

August 2008

  • Working with NOG representatives and INZ technical staff for INZ to provide a server for NZNOG use e.g. web site hosting and mailling list hosting.

June 2008

  • Started looking for legal advise for NZNOG on possible forms the group could take. This is primarily because now the group is accumulating finances and then needs of the group is changing.

January - February 2008

  • Attended NZNOG in Dunedin.
  • The InternetNZ Members consultation pigged-backed onto the event, and hosted a South Island meeting.

January - May 2007

  • Attended NZNOG in Palmerston North.
  • Keith Davidson and David Farrar presented on issues facing InternetNZ that may be of interest to the group, this included the separation of Telecom and copyright issues.
  • Staff recruited 6 members to InternetNZ at the meeting.
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