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Pacific Internet Partnership

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Project Sponsor: Simon Riley

Staff Support: Keith Davidson

Project Status: Active Smiley Smiley

Project Description:

The Pacific Internet Partnership (PIP) is a consortium of independent organisations who have joined together to share their passion and resources to improve the technical IT skills in the Pacific Island Countries.

The initial partners were:

  • InternetNZ
  • UNESCO New Zealand
  • UNDP

At the conclusion of the 3 year partnership, in May 08, UNDP decided not to continue with the initiative. ISOC has agreed to become a new partner, and ongoing discussions with ICANN and APNIC over funding continue. ISOC has agreed to $5,000 funding, which is not as considerable as the $20,000 per year from UNDP. 

Note: The InternetNZ representatives on PIP are Simon Riley and Don Hollander and Keith Davidson.

Project Budget:

$15,000 has been budgeted for the Pacific Internet Partnership project in 2009/10.

Overall Progress Summary:

  • Outreach partnership between INZ, UNESCO NZ and UNDP Samoa formed through a memorandum of understanding signed on 11 June 2004.

  • Guiding principle of MOU is to “improve the use of ICT in the Pacific Islands”.

  • Business Plan and Budget for 2005 / 06 set at $25,000 of InternetNZ funding, with the objective of using this funding to leverage UNESCO, UNDP and identify other possible funding sources.

Activities Planned for May 2009:

  • Continue arrangements to transfer project management from Don Hollander
  • Commence preparations for PACNOG for June 2009
  • Initiated discussions with Andy Linton re his representing INZ at PACNOG 2009

Project History:

September 2008:

  • Richard St Clair and Keith Davidson attended PACINET Rarotonga - refer August ED report for more details.
  • Several PI participants sponsored to attend.
  • ISOC secured as 3rd partner to the PIP programme, replacing UNDP, but with lesser contribution.

August 2008:

  • Applications for sponsored attendees for APNIC and PACINET meetings received and some authorised with payments being arranged.

May 2008

  • UNDP withdrew from the partnership.
  • Don Hollander developed a business plan.

January 2008:

  • Encouraged suitable Pacific Island techies to attend NZNOG through travel subsidies.

August 2007:

  • Provided travel subsidies for Pacific Island techies and suitable speakers to attend the PICISOC PACINET meeting.
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