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Special Projects Fund


Staff Support: Richard Currey

Status: Active Smiley Smiley   


A contestable fund has been established for use for any special projects that are likely to arise during each year, but not specifically planned or known at the time of establishing the annual budget.


$73,000 in 2009/10.

Overall Progress Summary:

As described above.

Activities Planned for May 2009:

  • Conclude negotiations with auDA and AusRegistry re sponsorship of ICANN Sydney meeting.
  • Discuss 2020 Communications Trust sponsorship plans
  • Discuss LDTF sponsorship plans


    April 2009:

    • Concluded negotiations with auDA and AusRegistry for INZ sponsorship of ICANN Sydney meeting, with agreement for $8,000 each from NZRS, DNCL and INZ, a total $24,000 sponsorship package.
    • E-vote approval for above from Council gained on 30 April.

    October 2008

    • Approximately $800 used to support the INZ members and friends session with James Hettrick, during his NZ visit

    September 2008:

    • EB agreed to reserve half of the total Special Projects Fund ($50,000) for its discretionary use
    • $5,000 for e-waste day (4 October), 2020 Communications Trust
    • $800 for Software Freedom Day, Unlimited Potential
    • $5,000 for James Hettrick NZ visit, LGNZ

    August 2008:

    • 5,000 for Richard Stallman, contribution towards his costs for his visit to New Zealand in August.
      Richard is The founder of the Free Software Foundation. 
    • $2,500 Contribution towards the live web stream for the Big Sing Finale which brings the winning choirs from around NZ to the Wellington Town Hall

    May  2008:

    • $5,000 for the student inoovation awards competition organised by REANNZ, with the prizegiving at APAN in August

    April 2008:

    • $4,000 budget approved for Winston Roberts, National Library for a half share of his costs to attend the WSIS May meetings in Geneva. (Final cost was $3,883.60)
    • $5,000 for yMedia, for development of their website pertaining to the "yMedia Challenge" - a competition for young digital natives.

    March 2008:

    • $11,000 additional budget for President to attend Cook-in (March  2008 - Council).
    • $5,000 for Impact 08 a series of seminars looking at the social, cultural and ethical impact of ICT innovation in a number of fields.

    February 2008:

    • E-vote on Presidents travel to Cook-In.

    March 2007:

    • $20,000 - Liz Dengate Thrush Foundation (March 2007 - Council)

    August 2007:

    • $7,000 - WSA Awards 2007 (August 2007 - Exec Ctte)
    • $40,000 Structural Review Implementation (August 2007 - Council)
    • $15,000 Additional budget for History of the Internet project (August 2007 - Council)

    July 2007:

    • $7,500 - 2020 Trust ICT in NZ Schools survey (July 2007 - Council)

    November 2006:

    • Agreed to $5,000 contribution to 2020 Communications Trust to assist with costs of bringing Michael Gurstein to NZ.

    September - October 2006:

    • ED approval for $5,000 top up funding for scoping aspects of the “Hectors World” initiative.

    • ED approval for $5,000 sponsorship of the Wireless and Broadband forum “Convergence” seminar for Auckland in November.

    • EVOTE 060922 – Council approved $7,000 contribution to the Netsafe SME Cybersafety Toolkit project.

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