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Technical Capability Development Fund

(Links to Strategy 3: Technical Development and Innovation)

Sponsor: Michael Wallmannsberger

Staff Support:   Keith Davidson

Status: On hold Smiley_Indifferent   


The TCDF project is a Technical Policy Committee initiative to consolidate a range of technical funding mechanisms into a more manageable and accountable format, described more fully to Council at meeting held 4 March 2006.


Zero budget for 2009/2010 year.

Overall Progress Summary:

As described above.

Activities Planned for May 2009:

  • None - no budget.


February 2009:

  • EB approval for US$2,716 to assist Nathan Ward's travel expenses to IETF in March

August 2008:

  • Agreed to $3,000 sponsorship for international travel costs for speakers to attend the Wellington Kiwicon conference in September.

April 2008:

  • $7,000 for sponsorship of an awards category for the NZOSA (NZ Open Software Association) annual awards in September.

February - March 2008:

  • Webstock event.
  • Approval for WIT project (ED).
  • Discussions with Brian Carpenter re INZ providing partial funding to attend IETF meeting, but did not eventuate.

January 2008:

  • Development of  sponsorship agreement with Webstock for their February web authoring workshops.

December 2007:

  • Agreed to sponsor Webstock February web authoring workshops to allow 2 additional participants from Pacific Islands to attend.

October 2007:

  • NZOSA Awards presentations.

July - August 2007:

  • Successful and well attended IPv6 workshop completed.
  • Planning for IPv6 workshop, securing co-hosting funding from REANNZ, advertising workshop to potential participants.

June 2007:

  •  Agreed to sponsor "Open Source Use for Community Organisations" category for the NZ Open Source Software Association annual awards.

April 2007:

  •  Received report from Nathan Ward regarding his sponsored attendance of APRICOT.

March 2007:

  • NZ Computer Society Awards - agreed input of $12,500 from InternetNZ.
  • Approved $2,133 grant to assist Nathan Ward to attend APRICOT.

January 2007:

  • Finalised draft budget and activities for 2007/08.

April - November 2006:

  • Discussions with Technical Committee to develop better criteria for project consideration.

  • Promulgation of TCDF to appropriate bodies.

February - March 2006:

  • First draft of criteria for consideration, description of TCDF for Council.
  • Initial consideration of criteria for consideration by Council.
  • Re-draft of criteria for consideration.
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