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World Internet Project

(Links to Strategy 2: Achieve a policy environment which is to the benefit of the Local Internet Community and Strategy 3: Contribute to an innovative Internet in New Zealand)

Sponsor: President

Staff Support: Campbell Gardiner

Status: Active Smiley Smiley 


The World Internet Project is an international research project that aims to track the trends of the Internet over a number of years assessing its impact around the world by each country surveying both users and non-users of the Internet. AUT are conducting the research in New Zealand.

Budget: $25,000 in 2009/10.

Overall Progress Summary:

The World Internet Project was described to Council in the 4 March 2006 meeting.

Summary of NZ World Internet Project Findings:



According to The World Internet Project, 78% of New Zealanders use the Internet. 6% are ex-users; 16% have never used it. 15% of users are online at home for at least 20 hours a week.

A third are on the Internet for less than 4 hours, and two thirds for less than 10 hours.

66% of users with a connection at home have broadband, compared to 31% with dial-up.

The younger, wealthier and more urban people are, the more broadband access they have. Internet usage is also age-graded. The younger people are, the more likely they are to use it, the better their ability, the more important they rate it, the more they create content and socialize online.

Higher household income clearly promotes greater Internet access, usage, ability and everyday reliance.

New Zealand users are active in content creation on the Internet such as posting messages (27%) and images (34%). 13% maintain their own website and 10% keep a blog.

Most users access information on matters such as travel and health online. 59% look for news online weekly, and 34% daily. Many users conduct everyday business online, and 53% use their bank's online services at least weekly.

New Zealanders use the Internet to access government, mainly for information about services (47%).


The World Internet Project New Zealand - The Internet in New Zealand 2007.


Activities Planned for next month:
  • None. 


August 2009:

  • Request for further WIP funding received.

June 2009:

  • Finalised WIP issues paper.

March - May 2009:

  • Started development of an issues paper for items of interest arising from the WIP international comparisons.

February 2009:

  • Further international comparisons received from AUT

December 2008:

  • Paid AUT sponsorship for 2008/09

November 2008:

  • Received international comparison detail report from AUT

July 2008:

  • InternetNZ hosted a WIP presentation to report on the final findings of the survey to stakeholders and potential funding bodies. The presentation coincided with WIP founder Jeff Cole's visit to New Zealand who presented on WIP in an international context.

June 2008:

  • The WIP started up again, creating opportunities to support the project and suggest questions/themes.

May 2008:

  • A report on the World Internet Project New Zealand Benchmark Survey 2007 has been produced, the document is a preview to the final report, which is due to be released in July 08. It is primarily an internal document that has been produced for WIPNZ funding bodies.

August - December 2007:

  • December - AUT reported initial findings to Council.
  • September - Full scale survey began.
  • August - Pilot project.

May 2006:

  • Council was presented with the WIP initiative.
  • Note: InternetNZ were the first to commit to assist funding the research in NZ.
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