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Telecom Charging Announcement

Media Release : June 11 1999

"The Internet Society of NZ Inc views with concern Telecom's announcement yesterday of the introduction of changes to the charging regime for Internet access" said Chair Jim Higgins today.

"On the surface the introduction of 0867 numbers appears to disadvantage the majority of the nation's Internet Service Providers, who may then have to pass any additional charges on to their customers. The idea of an "incentive" to customers to take up the new numbers or be charged 2 cents a minute for local calls raises the question of a breach of the spirit of the Kiwi Share agreement.", he said.

"On the other hand, the issue is more complex than that, and the Internet Society has begun an urgent fact-finding process which will include meetings with Telecom officials and the Internetindustry to raise issues of concern to the Internet community and seek responses which can then be taken back to the community for comment", he concluded.

The Society's Executive Director, Sue Leader said "In the meantime we are going through the process of fact finding and analysis, so that we can consult with the stakeholders rather than moving precipitately. We cannot tell without working through this process whether or not there is any advantage or disadvantage to the majority of Internet users in the proposed changes". She confirmed that the Society was seeking information direct from the government and would be registering initial concern with the Minister.


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