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Libertarianz Party Response to 1999 Questionnaire

20 May 1999

Question 1:

What policies do you have to ensure an open, competitive environment for the provision of Internet services?


The cornerstone of Libertarianz economic policy is unfettered, laissez-faire, free-market capitalism.We would "ensure an open, competitive environment" for Internet services by keeping the government right out of it.

Question 2:

What policies do you have to ensure that both central and local government agencies move towards the effective use of the Internet to communicate with the public?


A Libertarianz government would abolish most of today's government departments, so the question of their need for an effective web site would not arise.The use of the web by local government is an issue for local government.In opposition, Libertarianz would support the use of the Internet to inform citizens of their rights and responsibilities under the law.

Question 3:

What steps will you take to ensure that New Zealand legislation and relevant case law can be accessed on the Internet?


A Libertarianz government would provide a searchable, on-line database of New Zealand's laws and regulations.

Question 4:

What strategies do you favour to ensure that New Zealand society does not become divided into the 'information rich' and 'information poor'?


The best way to ensure the lowest possible price for Internet access is a free-market economy.The best way to ensure that the lowest price is an affordable price is to allow citizens to retain most of the money now stolen from them in taxes.

Question 5:

What strategies do you favour to ensure that schools can readily access the Internet for learning and other needs?


A Libertarianz government would privatise all educational institutions.Private schools would then seek out the most cost-effective ways to access information.

Question 6:

How do you plan to ensure that teachers have the technical skills and knowledge to utilise Internet services, once they're connected?(For example, provision of professional development for teachers, development of curriculum content, etc.)


A Libertarianz government would privatise all educational institutions.Private schools, freed from the tyranny of the teachers' unions, would be free to sack teachers who couldn't do their job properly. The provision of professional development courses and the design of curriculum content are services better left to the private sector.

Question 7:

What policies do you have relevant to the maintenance of a stable, secure and adequately serviced Internet in New Zealand?...


A Libertarianz government would promote free-market competition, enforce contract law and refuse to regulate in this area.

... Do you see a role for the Government in the provision of services supporting the New Zealand Internet?

Answer: No.

...If not, why not?

Answer: Because it is not, in our view, a legitimate function of government.The private sector can manage the job better without spending a cent of taxpayers' money.

Question 8:

Do you see a need to provide a legal underpinning for electronic commerce in New Zealand?If so, what areas require legislative attention?


No.Contract law supplemented by case law should suffice.

Question 9:

Do you support legislation under which crackers/hackers can be prosecuted for computer related crime?


Yes - where it can be demonstrated that property (intellectual or otherwise) was damaged, lost or stolen by their actions.A Libertarianz Government will vigorously prosecute all crimes where there is a genuine 'victim'; on the other hand, Libertarianz would repeal all laws dealing with 'victimless' crimes.

Question 10:

Do you support the unrestricted use of "strong" encryption by e-commerce to provide secure Internet trading?...


... How do you view the present export restrictions on strong encryption products under the Wassenar Arrangement.

Answer:We oppose them.

Question 11:

Do you see a need for Government involvement in the development of a New Zealand Public Key Infrastructure?...


...Do you consider that legislative measures such as those taken by the Government of Singapore are necessary to regulate the behaviour of Certification Authorities?...


...Do you consider that some form of key recovery or key escrow regime is necessary for law enforcement purposes in New Zealand?


Question 12:

Do you see any need to introduce changes to present tax laws so as to take into account Internet transactions and electronic commerce?


Question 13:

Do you support self regulation [of porn and free speech] by the Internet Industry or do you propose government intervention through legislation?


We support self regulation.In opposition, Libertarianz would vigorously fight against any government regulation in this area.

Larry Timberlake
President (& Webmaster), the Libertarianz Party
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