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Action on Anti-spam Code - Working Party Convened

Representatives from the DMA, INZ and the TCF will form a joint working party tasked with developing an industry Code of Practice on email spam. INZ will convene the working party.

"This proposed Code of Practice will apply to Internet Service Providers, and is designed to address the increasing problem of email spam. It will sit alongside the proposed legislation on spam that is being prepared by the Ministry of Economic Development," Executive Director of INZ Peter Macaulay said.

INZ, the TCF, and the DMA have knowledge and experience in Information and Communications Technology, marketing, and policy development. They have held discussions with Hon David Cunliffe, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, about creating an Anti-spam Code of Practice, and have agreed to work together to create the Code. The Anti-spam working party will consist of three members from each organisation.

"Spam is an increasing problem for the Internet worldwide. Recent estimates by some Internet Service Providers show that up to 75% of email traffic on the Internet is spam. A 2003 report by the European Union estimates the global cost of spam as being over $NZ22 billion per year." said Peter Macaulay.

The government has recognised the need to prevent New Zealand Internet users from sending spam, and to become part of the global effort to combat the problem. Anti-spam legislation is currently being developed by the Ministry of Economic Development. The Anti-spam Code of Practice is intended to support the legislation, and to establish more detailed email practices to comply with it.

"The development of the Anti-spam Code of Practice will progress alongside the legislation, which we expect to be passed in the current year. It is intended that the Code will be completed as close as possible to the date that the legislation is passed by Parliament," Peter Macaulay said.

"Well over 99% of spam received by New Zealanders is sourced from overseas, as generally NZ Internet providers and users are extremely responsible. The combination of the new anti-spam law and the anti-spam code of practice will almost eliminate the small amount of domestic spam we do have, and will allow New Zealand to work with other countries to reduce this global scourge," concluded Peter Macaulay.

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