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Social Impact Committee Report 15/09/01


Howard Frederick, Chair; Jennifer Northover, Drew Whittle, Simon Riley; Andrew Mason, Don Hollander.


That Internet New Zealand provide $5,000 to co-sponsor the Conference on Internet Safety and the Social Impact of the Internet.


Social Impact Committee recommends that the Society support this think-tank conference with the goal of opening channels of communication between different sectors of the Internet. New Zealand is the first country in the world to have a national Internet Safety initiative, developed by the Internet Safety Group

The goal of the ISG is to keep children and young people safe on the Internet through education. When leaders in various sectors of the Internet are aware of the broad range of social impact issues regarding the Internet, there will be more talent and expertise available to those working to keep young people safe, and thus a better chance of putting effective prevention strategies in place. This conference will create a network of resources focused on helping young people enjoy the Internet safely.

This think tank conference is seen as a prelude to a larger international conference in late 2002 or early 2003. New Zealands model for Internet Safety education is already being studied by several overseas groups. This conference is a crucial part of making New Zealand the most pro-active country in the world in educating its populace about commonsense guidelines for safety on the Internet.


InternetNZ would join the Internet Safety Group (ISG), University of Auckland, and three other sponsors (one law enforcement, one private section)


February 10 -12, 2002


85-100 leaders from all sectors of the Internet


There will be the opening and a reception on the first day, then two days of a combination of keynote speakers, plenary papers, and breakout sessions with papers.

There are six areas of focus.

  • Internet Safety in Schools
  • Internet Safety in Businesses
  • Internet Safety in the Home
  • Internet Safety in the Workplace
  • Internet Infrastructure
  • Legal, ethical and cultural issues


$20,000 (in five sponsorships, four of $5000 and in-kind services from the University of Auckland).


Invitations are being issued now to three overseas speakers.

  • Bill Joy of Sun Computers (what lies ahead in technology)
  • Ilene Berson of the University of South Florida (effects of online victimisation on young people) confirmed
  • Nicholas Burbules, University of Illinois (information technologies and education)

Once the keynotes are all confirmed, invitations will be issued for delivery of 4 plenary papers and 14 discussion papers. (some already confirmed)


Conference papers will be posted on the Internet Safety website, Netsafe, after the conference. A password-entry forum will also be established for conference participants.


The four sponsors of this conference will have their logo on all conference materials and sponsorship information will be in all media packs. A sponsor would be welcome to set up a display of appropriate materials at the event. In addition, these four sponsors will have the right of refusal to be sponsors of the international conference.

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