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SRSIOC Chair Report to Council Meeting 01/02/02

Report Adopted by the Council Meeting of 01 February 2002

SRSIOC Chair Report to Council Meeting February 1 2002

Naturally with Christmas things may not have progressed as much as we might have liked however as may be seen from Rose's two reports considerable progress has been made.

The major step taken has been the selection of a vendor from the RFP process and subsequently letting the first stage of the registry contract (technical architecture).

Two events late last year caused the SRS IOC and Implementation Manager to reconsider how the project should be progressed. These events were firstly the concerns expressed by council about liability issues and Gavin Adlam's advice on this (previously circulated) and secondly the transition and operational cost estimates for the SRS.

The IOC and Implementation Manager determined that it would be appropriate to allow Council to consider the options for progress once these had been costed and externally reviewed. These options are:

Option 1 - SRS as designed by the Hine WG

Option 2 - SRS as designed by the Hine WG but with a modified governance structure to resolve the liability issue.

Option 3 - SRS software replacing the DRS, Registrar part of Domainz split off, current .nz governance

The paper will also consider what will happen if the society does nothing.

Regrettably this paper is unlikely to be available for the publication deadline on Thursday however it will be e-mailed to councillors as early as possible. It is intended that Rose will be at the Council meeting on the 1st Feb to discuss this subject.

Once Council (?) has reviewed this option paper and made a determination then the SRS governance implementation can be started.

Much discussion has been generated by the Domainz pricing restructure with some of the IOC and the Implementation Manager believing that the restructure will make it difficult for the SRS to be accepted. Since this appears to be a policy matter it seems appropriate to refer this to Council.

As can be seen from Rose's report an independent, external, QA is to be appointed.

An ongoing issue is ensuring that we make the most tax effective use of members funds.

As I do not have my copy of the DRS report with me I will not be able to comment on Doug's report Compliance with the DRS Post- Implementation Review until next week at the earliest.

Robert Gray
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