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Progress Report on Mäori Internet Research Project 24/08/00



Tiopira Hape NCBS., BCA., MCOMM (Cand)
PO Box 200-37, Wellington South, New Zealand
Tel04383-8146Fax04 383-5717 Mobile

21 March 2000

Sue Leader
Executive Director
Level One
E-Vision Centre
Internet Society of New Zealand
282 Wakefield St

Tena Koe Sue

Re Progress Report on Mäori Internet Research Project

Kia Ora mai ano koe me to Roopu Whakahaere. The following is an update on the research project.

The Society seeks three specific outcomes:

  1. An increase in properly researched information on the current state of Mäori in relation to the Internet.
  2. The development of strong links with Mäori interested in promoting access to, and utilisation of, the Internet by Mäori.
  3. Clear areas where the Society can use its strong lobbying ability to move these issues forward as a public good.

The method for achieving these outcomes is:

  • Provide to the Society a copy of the outcomes at the research
  • Present the relevant as a Guest Speaker at the Annual Conference in June 2000.
  • Build relationships between the Society and the Mäori community with the focus on finding a champion of the Internet amongst the Iwi of Aotearoa.
  • The Society will provide supportive resourcing in the form of Internet expertise, website space, and mailing lists.
  • The Society will provide a platform for Tiopira Hape to present the findings at any other relevant event during the year.

specific research areas are:

  • Mäori access to , and utilisation of, the Internet
  • Barriers to access
  • Intellectual Property issues as they relate to Tikanga Mäori

Enclosed are some of the findings:

  • Research has been completed or is underway in Victoria University of Wellington, University of Waikato, University of Auckland, and University of Otago.
  • Relevant information is held by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Commerce, Te Puni Kokiri, Foundation for Research Science and Technology, and the Department of Statistics.
  • The Department of Internal Affairs has developed an Internet community network. A large number of the users are Mäori.
  • Multi-level marketing Internet schemes are being actively promoted in some sectors of the Mäori community. Expert advice is needed to inform these communities on whether they are getting value for money.
  • Contacts are in place with most of the Iwi Authorities in New Zealand to build relationships with the Society.
  • The Society should consider including on its website a Mäori section by 31 March 2000.
  • The content for the website to include this research proposal, and links to Mäori, Government, Industry, and International websites.
  • These web pages will profile a Mäori component of the Society activities to the Mäori community.
  • The Society should consider the idea of convening a sub-committee, called the "Mäori Internet Group", under the Policy and Research Committee by May 2000.
  • Terms of Reference for the Mäori Internet Group will be outlined in the Tiopira Report.
  • The Mäori Internet Group to provide a two-year business plan to the Policy and Research Committee by September 2000.
  • The Mäori Internet Group could become the "Mäori Internet Champion".
  • A series of Internet awareness seminars for the Mäori Community is needed.
  • Potential sites for these Mäori Internet awareness seminars need to be identified by
  • Likely sites include IT suites within NZ schools, Mäori provider sites, Te Kohanga Reo sites, Iwi Authorities sites, or Industry sites.
  • The Mäori community that lack access to the Internet through their own resources can be assisted through these sites.
  • Regional Internet plans for Mäori should identified by November 2000.
  • Industry players could assist the MIG Kakano by targeted sponsorship.
  • The Internet can assist Treaty settlements by providing regular and accurate information to the beneficiaries of these settlements no matter where they reside.
  • The research on Maori intellectual property indicates a need for protection by legal means whether it is on the Internet or not on the Internet.

Some of these findings will need to be discussed with the relevant policy makers in the private and public sector. Should you require my assistance in implementing some of these initial findings please feel welcome to contact me on cellphone 025 450 960.

The final report will be ready in two weeks time. Could we meet soon to discuss the final content so that it meets with your approval?

An invoice for $1000 plus Gst is enclosed together with a deposit slip and supporting receipts.

Naku Noa

Tiopira Hape
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