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Outreach Committee Report for Council 17/10/03

Oct 9 2003

Status: Accepted at Council Meeting 17 October 2003

Purpose of this report

  1. Approve Outreach Committee terms of reference
  2. Outreach report : discussion purposes only

1. Terms of Reference

1.2 Responsibilities:

The Outreach Committee is the committee responsible for ensuring the Society is active in outreach on issues relating to the Internet. It is responsible for seminars, public meetings, educational issues, and other areas of Society interaction on broad issues as agreed. It will also play a role in the Society's liaison with Government, in industry coordination, in member services and education efforts.

1.2 Powers:

  • To create Task Forces in consultation with the President.
  • To arrange appropriate seminars, meetings and conferences within the allocated budget, including sponsoring events organised by other bodies.
  • To approve budgeted expenditure for the Committee.
  • To advance outreach to Government and the public service.
  • To assist the staff with Members services.
  • To recommend activities to Council if resources outside the Committee's budget are required.

1.3 Motion:

Approve Outreach Committee Terms of Reference for 2003 ?04

2. Report

21.Outreach committee meet 7.10.2003 . 2.2 Summary Agenda

  • Terms of Reference
  • Stakeholders
  • Strategic Plan- Outreach Goals and Outcomes
  • Relevant Initiatives
  • Processes : Goal Criteria ( Draft Strategic Plan )

2.2 Issues Arising

2.2.1 INZ Communications Plan

It was noted that INZ does not have a communications plan which would ensure a coordinated framework for all Council outreach and sponsorship activities. Outreach committee requests that Exec Committee table a communications plan prior to the next council meeting

2.2.2 Stakeholder Engagement

It was agreed that priorities assigned Outreach initiatives would be guided by both the goal criteria outlined in the draft strategic plan and as well the ranking given the to the following communities of stakeholders :

  • Internet Industry ( includes other related professional organizations )
  • Government
  • Users ( ie Internet Users )
  • Public ( ie non internet users )
  • Not for Profit / NGO / Community sector
  • Pacific islands
  • Education sector
  • Business sector

Note : Council consider adopting the above in its goal criteria

2.2.3 Sibling Organizations The following organizations were identified as sibling organizations which INZ needs to maintain a working liaison

  • NGI Society
  • NZCS
  • Uniforum
  • Open Source Society
  • Maori Internet Society

It is recommended that INZ exec incorporate into the annual planning cycle joint meetings of respective exec committees of some or all the above sibling organizations ( as well as others to be identified ) over the next 12 months

Simon Riley Chair
Outreach Committee
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