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NZNOG Sponsorship Proposal

Ver. 1.1 4th December 2004

Original e-mail Tony McGregor – 4th November 2003

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> Tony McGregor

> Sent: Tuesday, November 04, 2003 04:02

> To: Michael Sutton INZ

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> Subject: Re: Big Geek Program 04

> Hi Michael


> > Would it be possible to pencil something for a presentation

> on InterDomain

> > Multicast...


> Yes, well put that on the list of offers, thanks!


> > As a Councillor of InternetNZ Council would it be helpful

> for you if I

> > sought some financial assistance from INZ to help you bring

> the conference

> > together... Is there anything INZ can do to help...


> Yes, money would be very helpful! We're very happy to attach it to

> some particular event or materials at the conference. E.G. sponsoring

> an international speaker, or conference materials. We'd also be happy

> to list you as sponsors on the web page etc.


> The main unknown at this stage is getting one or two big name

> speakers. We are working on some ideas, but if you have any contacts

> or ideas, we'd be very pleased to hear them.


> Thanks for your support


> Tony


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> Private Bag 3105 Home: +64 7 825 5040

> mobile: (021)313004

> Hamilton, New Zealand www:


What? New Zealand Network Operators Group Conference 2004

When? 29th January 2004 – 30th January 2004

Where? University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand

Organizing contact: Tony McGregor []

Proposal: InternetNZ sponsor this event:

This proposal is based on correspondence with Tony McGregor (NZNOG) of Waikato University. NZNOG welcome support and offered InternetNZ the opportunity to provide speakers and host a workshops on topic(s) that are relevant, such as Multicast, which was actively discussed.

It is expected that 100-200 people plan to attend this event. This is based on expressions of interest indicated earlier this year..

NZNOG will provide InternetNZ with Brand acknowledgement via nznog web-site.

InternetNZ would provide money, practical support and training books materials towards enabling multicast on the NZ Public Internet.

Proposed Sponsorship:

1. Provide a cash $1000 cash contribution to NZNOG Organizers

2. Provide an allocation of up to $1000 to meet the costs of a suitable speakers to provide a practical overview of the protocols necessary to enable multicast.

3. Purchase and give to the first 50 enrolled participants, 1 copy each of the following technical book on enabling multicast using Juniper and Cisco routers... maximum of 1,250 USD @~25USD each. Interdomain Multicast Routing: Practical Juniper Networks and Cisco Systems Solutions (Place promotional INZ sticker on the cover)

4. Meet the transport, accommodation and enrollment costs ($75-150ea) for upto 3 INZ Councilors who wish to attend.


Big Geek Program 04 (BGP-04)

The next meeting of the New Zealand Network Operators' Group is to be held in Hamilton on January 29th and 30th 2004. Hosts are the University of Waikato's WAND Network Research Group.

NZNOG meetings provide opportunities for the exchange of technical information and discussion of issues relating to the operation of network services, with particular emphasis on New Zealand.

NZNOG has invited presentations on relevant topics. Suitable topics include, but are not limited to: Operation of the DNS in New Zealand; Carrier IP network structures; Internet exchange activities; VoIP deployment; IP Routing theory or practice; Access technologies; Network management tools and practices. Presentations from researchers and from practitioners are welcomed

In addition to more substantiative talks NZNOG hope to include a session of very short presentations this year as a forum for floating an idea or reporting on a discovery in a less formal manner. The possibility exists that the meeting might be extended beyond two days to accommodate suitable material.


1 Support NZNOG 2004 technical training.

2 Promote InternetNZ to the Technical community in New Zealand.

3 Provide practical education to support enabling multicast on the New Zealand networks during 2005

Description/ justification

This sponsorship aligns with InternetNZ Objectives.

NZNOG is identified by INZ as an (organization) worthy of active support.

This is one of two major events that NZNOG usually host annually.




PAYMENTS December 2003 January 2004
Cash Contribution 1,000  
Speaker support   1000
Education materials   2500
Delegate Fees and Accomodation   500 –1000
Total payments $1,000 $ 4,500
Project Director
Michael Sutton

> -----Original Message-----

> From: Tony McGregor []

> Sent: Tuesday, November 18, 2003 07:25

> To:

> Subject: [nznog] NZNOG '04




> Hi All


> The NZNOG '04 arrangements are coming along well and registration is

> now open at


> We're pleased to have Geoff Houston (Telstra Aust/APNIC) and Philip

> Smith (CISCO) as invited speakers. See the conference web pages for

> more details. Other details about the conference, including the the

> on campus accommodation etc are also on the web page.


> It's still possible to put in a talk or tutorial proposal. Please

> send them to


> We're about to send out letters to various folks asking for

> sponsorship. We're not looking for lots of money, just ways to add

> value to the conference through materials, extra international

> speakers, the bar, etc. If you have any contacts that we could write

> to please let me know.


> It's a huge help if people sign up early. The conference fee is lower

> if you sign up early. Also, there is only limited accommodation with

gt; in-room network access, if you want that I suggest you sign up quick!


> Tony

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