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Report: Cyberlaw Initiative 09/10/2003


Purpose of this Report: To seek final approval for INZ / VUW Cyberlaw Initiative

Summary :

  • The INZ / VUW Cyberlaw Initiative was presented to previous Council meeting of August 20,30.
  • Council debate concluded that given the size of the funding request any final decision would be contingent on consultation with INZ membership.
  • The Cyberlaw Initiative was subsequently included in the Strategic Planning consultation process with INZ membership which included both online feedback and discussion and face to face meetings in Wellington and Auckland during the month of September .
  • The consultation process has now been concluded .


  • VUW in partnership with Internet NZ has reached an agreement in principle to establish a Research Fellowship in Cyber Law within its Law School, to be known as the Internet NZ Research Fellowship in Cyber Law .
  • The Internet NZ Research Fellow in Cyber Law will undertake a significant research project on a topic approved by a INZ - VUW Project Management Committee.
  • The Research Fellowship will a one year appointment . The position will be advertised primarily in NZ and Australia . Applicants will be asked to nominate research topics based on priorities established by a INZ - VUW project management and selection committee
  • The InternetNZ - VUW Cyberlaw Initiative will support research , policy analysis and advancing the public interest in the field of telecommunications law, cyberspace, intellectual property, and law and technology.


  • Feedback from INZ Strategic Plan consultation meetings in Wellington and Auckland has resulted in universal support for Cyberlaw Initiative from members.
  • Support ranged from strong to very strong support . No dissenting views were expressed
  • Discussion essentially focused on clarification of details contained in the proposal which mirrored issues debated at August Council meeting.
  • Council Executive has conceded that initial communication with members concerning Cyberlaw Initiative was mishandled which resulted in legitimate concerns being expressed on Council members list .
  • Executive committee has completed an analysis and review of all feedback received from members consultation process including the Cyberlaw Initiative with the conclusion that all the requirements requested by August Council meeting have been met for progressing final approval for Cyberlaw Initiative,


Executive Committee unanimously recommends that Council approve INZ / VUW Cyberlaw Initiative as detailed in the Cyberlaw Initiative proposal tabled at August Council meeting.


  1. approval in principle to establish the Internet NZ Research Fellow in Cyber Law at School of Law, Victoria University .
  2. that the Internet NZ total contribution will not exceed $85,000 per annum.
  3. that the term of sponsorship shall be for 3 years provided that the objectives and deliverables set out in the partnership agreement have been met.
  4. that Executive Committee is authorized to negotiate final details of the partnership agreement with VUW.
Simon Riley Chair
Outreach Committee
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