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ICANN06 Minutes 22/04/05

Notes of a Meeting of the ICANNZ06 Task Force

22 April 2005, 4.00 - 5.30pm


  • Keith Davidson (Chair), David Farrar, Grant Forsyth, Jennifer Northover, Chris Streatfield, Peter Dengate Thrush, Pete Macaulay, Jordan Carter, Laura Virgo (Grant and Jennifer by teleconference).

Apologies: None.

Status: Draft

1. Confirmation of Previous Minutes

That the minutes of the meeting of 22 March be accepted.
Carried U

Noted that minutes should be circulated within 10 days of meetings in future.

No matters arising from the minutes.

2. Critical Time Line

Distributed by Laura on 23 March, and Keith asked if there were any suggested changes. In discussion:

  • Internal process milestones should be included on this (GF) - agreed to include internal agreed dates as they are agreed during the Task Force meetings. Laura explained that people need to add items as they become aware of them. Jordan to collate items and keep the timeline up to date.

3. Hotels

Laura spoke to the hotels item.

  • Reduced Ibis from 100 rooms to 30
  • Increased Novotel by another 20 rooms
  • Increased West Plaza by another 15 rooms
  • Increased InterContinental by another 20 rooms (next rate up - standard rate)
  • Total rooms now held 521 for 26/27 Mar, 611 for 27Mar/01Apr, 86 for 01/2Apr
  • All contracts (except Just Hotel) signed by Peter. Deposit invoice given to Isabel. Payment required urgently to secure all accommodation held.

In discussion:

  • Dates for cancellations are 90, 60 and 30 days in advance.
  • After discussion about the distribution of hotel rooms - it was agreed that there would be no "Conference Hotel" but that ICANN Board and Staff are likely to be booked into the James Cook, on the basis that it has the most rooms.
  • It was suggested that one of the hotels be branded a "Conference Bar" hotel, perhaps with sponsorship naming rights - or alternatively that a waterfront location be selected for this purpose.

Action Points:

  • Investigate a Conference Branded Bar idea, at Wellington Brewing Company and in-venue spaces for a Bar. (KD/LV/PM)
  • Costs for shuttle buses between all the hotels to be provided to the Task Force at the appropriate time.

4. Wellington Convention Centre

Met with Margie Carter. Temporarily taken over from Tracey Branelly and ICANN's contact until Event Co-ordinator appointed. We need to define room and audio visual requirements urgently. Contract and deposit to be finalised and paid immediately on confirmation of requirements

From the discussion:

  • KD has received a final agreement of required rooms from ICANN, and will meet with Margie Carter next week. Will turn it into a useful schedule working with Laura, and can then leave her to it.
  • The schedule reflects current ICANN practice and is a little bit removed from that set out in the RFP. If needs move too far beyond those specified in the RFP, ICANN will be charged the additional expenses.
  • Keith to circulate this document once complete.

5. Trade Displays

  • Are we having them? (WCC on the understanding they are not required)

In discussion:

  • Yes, there will be a requirement for 6-8 trade display booths (major sponsors, minor sponsors, next ICANN Conference venue), 2x2m in size. They may be sited on the promenade areas; though near the registration desk would be ideal.
  • KD and LV to discuss with Wellington Convention Centre.

6. Sponsorship

  • Laura to identify possible sponsorship opportunities and associated costs
  • Committee to provide a list of trade suppliers to approach (with contact details)
  • Committee to discuss benefits statement
  • Suggest sponsorship invitations go out no later than 30 June 2005
  • Discussion with function venues about wine tasting possibility

In discussion:

  • Keith presented a document outlining possible sponsors and amounts that could be raised. These details remain confidential to the Task Force. There was a wide-ranging discussion about sponsorship strategies.
  • A range of sponsorship options will be provided.
  • Task force members to send suggestions on improving Keith's document - including names of possible sponsors - around on the ICANNZ06 email list - before the next meeting.
  • A document like Laura's framework document will be filled out later - May or early June.
  • Laura is managing this part of the process (collating offers etc), while Keith will be making the approaches to possible sponsors.
  • Local winemakers collective idea for Te Papa function agreed as a good idea.

7. Air New Zealand

A further discussion with Air New Zealand confirms that nett fares are not applicable to groups. Also that group travel best handled in country of origin to obtain best fares. Air New Zealand can give us local contact details dependant on numbers coming from each country. Also they may be able to assist with bringing specific speakers to New Zealand (Peter given application form to complete).

In discussion:

  • Note that net fares are not a useful concept. AirNZ may sponsor named guests to come to the Conference, on their own criteria.
  • Peter Macaulay has the application form.
  • Pete Macaulay to obtain list of who ICANN regard as “important guests” and submit this to AirNZ.
  • Secretariat to develop a 5 minute PP presentation explaining how to get to New Zealand - including routes, airlines flying in, etc.

8. Other Items to discuss with Laura

Social Programme

  • Flat Earth Tours - options on the registration website for people to book on registration. Can expand on this for packages etc. Laura will find all these people and offer all these volunteers - not a mountain of options but a few. Or may link to a company.
  • From Mar del Plata people said they wanted to see - Golf, fishing, kayaking, tramping, white water rafting, skiing (not doable), adventure tourism, wine tasting/wine tours, farm stays, sheep shearing, Lord of the Rings (incl / esp. Weta Digital).
  • KD to join in on this to discuss with Laura. May be easiest to find an operator. KD expects quite a large daily requirement.
  • The functions etc in the evenings - will be discussed after the next meeting.
  • Private dining venues - a need to make some pencilled bookings - wider discussion in July, but Task Force members are asked to note any good experiences for discussion in July.

Action Points:

  • Task Force members to feed restaurant reviews through to the list.
  • Major topic for the July meeting.

Sporting Programme

  • Touch programme on the same night as the Stadium night. Demo game, and then up to four games concurrently. People drinking and partying upstairs, looking at the game.
  • Put a video clip and the rules up on the website.

9. Conference Logo

Agreed there was a need to proceed on this, with some budget (c. $5k max).

Action Points:

  • Secretariat to use Grant's brief and pick it up from next week. Secretariat to come back with options.
  • Signage needs to be discussed in later meetings. APRICOT was done well.
  • KD to pass the art work of the conference venue floorplans on to the Secretariat.
  • Secretariat to remind people to read the brief again before the next meeting.

10 . Outreach

Pacific Islands

This ICANN Conference is somewhat unique - these ccTLDs may never have attended one, and may be most comfortable attending one in New Zealand compared with any other venue. Need to consider how we might best outreach to those communities.

DPF - ask PICISOC through Niue friends to help suggest people?

KD - not possible - Details later. Need a process by which INZ engages with the IANA ccTLD managers - there is a crossover with APTLD, and it might be asked of the APTLD Secretariat to engage in.

Action Points:

  • Keith to raise this with the PIP to see if UNDP/UNESCO will help get the ccTLD managers to NZ.
  • APTLD Secretariat to help with outreach.

Local Internet community

  • NOG conference not likely to join. Northern part of North Island usually, but they are coming to Wellington and VUW providing premises - but they will end of January. Key issue is that ICANN is "political". KD response is to focus on the technical people who will be present.
  • PDT - if we get a list, we could invite other technical people - provide for the NOG at one of those places on the Sat or Sun, and can get some other events in.
  • Problem is how does some of the intellect transfer to the LIC?
  • Need a list of the key technical people who would attend, so to ask NOG etc who might usefully be organised to meet with the NOG community.

Action Point:

  • PDT to obtain from ICANN a list of likely key international technical visitors, who we can sell to local technical community and organise any required outreach.

11.Reports form Mar del Plata

Covered along the way, more or less. Peter Macaulay noted some other things:

  • Translation service needs need to be identified.
  • Webcasting/live transcripts will need to be provided.
  • Invitations to local dignitaries need to be organised.
  • An honour for Vint Cerf or similar while he is here.
  • Some logistical issues have arisen and those have already been resolved.

Travel reports will be circulated to the ICANNZ06 Task Force.

12. Attendee to Luxembourg

A brief discussion noted that there would be one attendee, decided by the International Affairs Committee of InternetNZ. Possibility of InternetNZ staff travelling on from Singapore APTLD to attend - but the Task Force stressed the need for most coverage in Vancouver.

Note to consider in future - prospect of Andy Linton to Vancouver to consider the technical aspects.

13. Website

Laura will provide the registration site shell while in Australia in the first part of May. Then people can look at this, and tweak it as required. Registrations should be available before Luxembourg (11 July); quite vital that everything is correct on the registration form from the start. Can't change things afterwards.

Action Point:

  • Secretariat to develop general ICANNZ06 website starting next week, working with Katipo or other developers.

14. Invitations for Visa Requirees

This was on both ICANN attendees, and the need for government to invite the GAC representatives.

  • DPF to report back on progress by next meeting. Can seek out an example letter as received for other countries.

15. APTLD Meeting / Other Association Meetings

  • There will be other associations meeting, e.g. an APTLD meeting room, and will need 40 people. Look at a Duxton room - holding Board Room 2 and Duxton 3, for the whole period. March 26 th for the meeting. Will need an estimate for the rooms we can have.
  • Bolton has two meeting rooms, up to 40 people.
  • Also a meeting room at POD.

Meeting closed: 6.08pm.

Next meeting: 8.00am on Tuesday 17 May 2005 (at Netsafe in Auckland / by Teleconference). (note: take polycom to Auckland)

Signed as a true and correct record:

Keith Davidson, President, TASK FORCE CHAIR

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