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Domainz Business Plan

Status: Approved at Council Meeting 030404

1. Section 9.1 of the Stabilising Registrar Contract with Domainz requires them to "prepare and submit to InternetNZ by 30 June 2003 a business plan detailing future plans for Domainz."

2. Domainz board and management underwent a number of planning sessions in early 2003 and their board has approved a business plan, which is attached. The business plan is commercial in confidence to Council.

3. InternetNZ is required under Section 9.2 of the Stabilising Registrar Contract to approve the plan, negotiate a revised plan, or take steps to liquidate Domainz.

4. The Domainz Future Taskforce has received and considered the business plan. At its meeting of 1 February 2003 it unanimously resolved to recommend to Council that the business plan be approved.

5. It is recommended that Council
a.. Approve the business plan of Domainz, under sections 9.1 and 9.2 of the Stabilising Registrar Contract
b. Ask the Executive Director to formally notify Domainz of the approval of the business plan

Keith Davidson
Domainz Future Taskforce
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