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Jennifer Northover

Biography for Jennifer Northover

I have been a Councillor of Internetnz (formerly ISOCNZ) since 1998, and am seeking re-election for another term. My day job is in project management and consulting in business improvement. With this background I endeavour to bring a more strategic and balanced style to Council meetings and activities.

During the last 5 years I have seen a great deal of change in the Society. I have attended all but one of the Council meetings over the last year, and have missed only one of all meetings called for the committees on which I serve.

I have attended international meetings of the global internet community since 1998, many at my own personal expense.

My roles over the last year are:

  • member of the .nz Oversight Committee,
  • Vice Chair of the International Affairs committee,
  • member of the Outreach committee (formerly Social Impact),
  • member of the Strategic Planning workgroup.

I have worked together with Simon Riley to develop a standard set of business policies and strategic planning processes for the Council. Aware that Council operates largely from a management fee derived from .nz registration, I am concerned to ensure that funds are expended with care and responsibility, and that Council is fully accountable for the discretionary use of funds. I have worked hard to ensure that members' votes to elect Councillors have clear consequences in lines of responsibility and accountability.

My achievements over the last 12 months include:

  • Acting on the steering committee of the forthcoming Internet Safety Conference (July 9-11), on behalf of Outreach committee,
  • Collaborating in hosting a workshop of committee chairs and senior staff to develop sound planning and project practices,
  • Actively participating in NZ Oversight Committee activities of developing .nz policies and overseeing the successful implementation of the SRS,
  • Reporting relevant issues from Council meetings back to the Oversight Committee to ensure non-Councillor members are fully informed,
  • Recording notes of International Affairs committee meetings and reporting back to Council meetings,
  • Representing Internetnz at the ICANN meeting in Bucharest in June 2002. This included attending the first ccTLD/GAC workshop.
  • Preparing and submitting a paper in regard to a review of how international affairs decisions are made, the responsibilities and authorities for these, and ensuring compliance with Council objectives,
  • Contributing to the development of Council's own processes, including fee-setting policies, constitutional matters, the Terms of Reference of committees.

This year I have decided to stand for the role of Vice President.

My reasons for this are:

  • I have a sound understanding of Council activities from the committees and groups I have participated in, and also from contributing to the decisions and recommendations of other Council committees,
  • I would like to assist the President, and other Councillors and Officers, continue the development of sound representation of issues, and strategic direction.

Things I would work actively to achieve if I were Vice President are:

  • Initiate an Auckland presence for Internetnz Councillors, members and others who are interested in what we do. For too long Internetnz has been criticised as being Wellington-centric. I would like to change that.
  • As Council now comprises fewer members I am keen to increase the involvement of Internetnz members and others where appropriate, to participate in Council activities through subcommittees and workgroups.
  • Improve Committee functioning through developing realistic Terms of Reference. This has already started and has my full support. We already have some examples of very high quality committee functioning and should be able to build on strengths to fit the individual needs of each committee.
  • Improve the allocation of funds to ensure that projects with real interest and benefits to the Local Internet Community are supported. This includes such things as increasing attention to legal issues, emerging technical matters such as IPv6 and ENUM.
  • Introducing processes to ensure accountability for decisions taken and funds expended. Through the Strategic Planning workgroup we have already commenced with the Executive Director to develop appropriate systems. This needs to be completed and implemented into current practice.
  • Continue to monitor and contribute to discussions at an international level to strive for stability and a good deal for local communities.

I have a good working relationship with the President and with the Executive Director, and enjoy the highly professional working environment of the NZ Oversight Committee and the Office of the Domain Name Commissioner. I look forward to your support.

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