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Rodney Prescott

InternetNZ Election 2004
Councillor Biography- Rodney Prescott

Rodney Prescott, is a Technology Consultant, with a strong interest in Communications, especially standards based, having worked with Internet based protocols for over 18 years.

Rodney was Development Manager at CLEAR Net, as part of the launch team, at which time he also served as an ISOCNZ councillor. Due to work commitments and overseas work, including working as the Technical Director of Terabyte responsible for the initial Virtual Spectator Development and global network deployment for the Americas Cup 2000, he was not active in the society.

Rodney is currently undertaking trials for Wireless Local Loop using MESH technologies, based around Open Source tools, as well as a several other communications related projects.

Rodney was an early member of the Internet Society Council. He has recently rejoined and is keen to play a very active role to ensure that the Internet meets the full potential for the benefit of all New Zealanders.

Rodney has a strong interest in Open Standards and dealing with issues such as IP V6, interconnection / pairing and SPAM, as well as the technology related to the effective operation of the internet.

Rdney is keen to work with all parties to promote awareness of issues and ensure that technically related issues are understood.

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