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Michael Sutton

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InternetNZ Election 2004
Candidate Statement - Michael Sutton

In 2003 I was elected in a by-election to InternetNZ's Council for a limited term of ten months during which time: I proposed to Council, sponsorship of the 2004 NZNOG Conference; Presented "multicast" in formal session and held a BOF at that Conference; Reported to Council on the Wellington Enum Seminar; Built an InternetNZ branded multicast booking test-system for access grids ; Sponsored a proposal to Council for CityLink to build an Ipv6/Ipv4 gateway at APE and WIX; Sponsored and distributed books on multicast to many engineers in New Zealand; Participated, monitored and reported on the InterOP project (Phase One); Attended at InternetNZ's "Project Planning Workshop" that developed methodologies for control of small-through-large projects; Assisted an InternetNZ contractor develop a draft Project Initiation Document for Multicast Internet Exchange(s) at Wellington and Auckland; and suggested that INZ become a Certificate Authority to enable Registrars to provide low cost .nz SSL security certificates.

I have attended, as an observer, all meetings (bar one) of the Executive Committee during 2004 in order to obtain oversight of this Committee's activities and would consider myself an active member of the Technical Committee. I also attended every InternetNZ Council meeting held during my Term.

I seek members support now for a Term of two years as Councilor. During this time I will participate and monitor the Council and Executive Committee's efforts to ensure the "InterOP Project" produces real-world deliverables from proven funding commitments. I will continue to support sponsorship of the IPv6 network gateway and will encourage multicast implementation in New Zealand through all projects I participate in.

Please review my 2003 bio for a comparison of my goals then with this candidate statement:

WhoIs: Michael Sutton:
+64 21 305500
Age: 48
Location 1 Glasgow Street

1975 Established Nelson Polytechnic Students Association.

1981 Left Victoria University, Wellington, for Europe.

1982 Worked in Brussels for the HQ of AIESEC an NGO where I designed/proposed a real-time computer network between the Universities in 40 countries for real-time job matching system. I was inducted in to the inaugural International Hall of Fame with 25 others in 2000 including CEO of Egon Zehnder and MIT's Entrepreneur Centre. ( ).

1983 worked for 3M in Zurich in the European MIS unit and between times worked for the NZ High Commission doing "Agricultural Market Intelligence".

Returning to NZ I worked as R&D director software development Priority Computers and then established AWACS which is the vehicle I currently operate through today.

1986-1990 I worked on establishing highspeed FM subcarrier and Horizontal Blanking Interval ISDN ntu combo box multicast systems for use on BCNZ and ABC Australia.

1990-1993 Setup Wellington based development skunk works at Glasgow Street and developed data pagers that were plug compatible with PSION pdas as well as PCMCIA (PCcard) pagers which included the ability to operate in a completely encrypted and auto-compressed mode, enabling users to send packets containing encrypted binary streams over existing 7bit POCSAG networks without the need to adapt the Networks transmission chain or the existing methods of remote computing message entry. This received a United States Patent 5,771,238 as well as NZ Patent. With my Team I also built a 1024 bit realtime one-time pad encryption system for PC terminal chat and file transfer of designs via X.25 to Europe.

1994 Sold rights into a Venture Capital Partnership for Awacs Intellectual Properties.

1996-2003 I returned to working as a sole practitioner from home in Kelburn with DDS connection and 2.4 Ghz radio Lan (since 1998). During this time I provided lead services in the following Internet activities:

  • Ministry of Health, ACC and Business Excellence Foundation May 2003 Health Innovation Awards, Te Papa - Internet Media Broadcast.
  • Ministry of Health [2000-2003] Health Ministers meeting CHOGM, Moh Executive Briefings, Primary Health Conference, SmokeFree,
  • Immunisation and HWAC Strategy conferences. [ Live/archive video and audio server facilities]
  • Compaq50k 2001 and HP50k 2002 of Coronet 6pm - 10am, 50km vertical race, 130kph floodlit, broadband data off mountain via 802.11.
  • Distribution outside NZ via Akamai. [ Internet consultant and primary video server provider]
  • XtraMsn [1999-2001] - Primary Internet multimedia server host and operator for content from TV3, IRN, RadioNZ, and live dance and kiwi music content.
  • BBC World [1997-2002] Live and 7 day rolling archive of all program content. [ propose, design, operate]
  • Radio New Zealand [1996-2001] Live and 7 day rolling archive of all major programs. [ propose, design, operate ]
  • Y2K NZ Commission - Multimedia 1999-2000. [video server and theatre]
  • 1999 Election - Hosted one of the 2 major parties video media. [video server and theatre]
  • EuroStarSports - Created prototypes and presented these of behalf of Mark Dzenick past Business Director of the International Olympic Committee, Lausanne. (NY, London, Geneva)
  • Other Consulting: Contracted by the principle owners of trans-oceanic fibre to advise on product mix and future products which can be implemented.

From 1999 to present - major role bringing up Thomas 5

Conference Chair: (Example)

1990 Chairperson of "Technology Transfer" preparatory conference Chiba Japan for Rio Environmental conference.

Presentations (Example)

1996 Saatchi & Saatchi : Big Day Out : Wellington. The Future of Internet Digital Broadcasting, with Live Real Networks Video and Audio.

Community Support: (Example)

Member of the National Board of Advisers. Association of International Economics and Commerce (University) Students.

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