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Covering Note to Members 20/04/01


20 April 2001

Dear members,

Please find attached the final report and proposals of the Constitutional Working Group of ISOCNZ. We urge you to consider these carefully as changes to the constitution of an organisation can have a profound effect on how that body operates.

Naturally we hope our proposals will enhance how ISOCNZ operates but that is a decision for the membership to make, not just the members of our working group.

There are four attached documents for your consideration. These are:

1) The proposed new constitution. This is what members will be asked to actually vote on at the SGM in May. Deletions to the existing rules are in strikethrough mode and additions are in bold.

We will be proposing that the new constitution as a whole be adopted. However members are free to move amendments to the proposed new constitution. Any such amendments will be voted on prior to the vote for the Constitution as a whole.

If you wish to move an amendment you need to notify this to no later than 30 April 2001. Your amendment can either specify the text you want changed or merely the intent of the amendment and the working group will draft up the exact text needed to implement the amendment.

2) Policy motions for the SGM. These are issues which we feel should be adopted by the Society as policy but are not appropriate to entrench in the Constitution. You will be asked to vote on each of these recommendations.

3) The final report of the Working Group. This explains all the changes the Working Group proposes and is in effect sets out what the detailed amendments to the constitution seek to change.

4) Proposed new Council Bylaws. These are not to be voted on by the SGM but are recommended to Council for their consideration. As they form part of the overall package recommended by the Working Group we have supplied a copy for member's interest.

If you have any questions or comments about the proposals please feel free to let us know. Discussion can take place on the mailing list or can be directed to us by e-mail, an/or, and/or, phone (04 565 0909) or fax (ISOCNZ Office 04 472 1207).

Yours faithfully

Chris Streatfield Convenor,
David Farrar Member,
Jordan Carter Member

© 2001 The Internet Society of New Zealand
Last updated 23 April 2001

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