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Process for Creation of a New 2LD Name within .nz

Status: Current 2002

The process that follows was originally contained in Future Development of the .NZ Domain Name Space accepted by Council on 21 May 1997.

In the following "InternetNZ Council meeting" is understood to be a physical rather than electronic meeting of Council. A number of time periods are given with minimum and maximum lengths. This is designed to allow InternetNZ to avoid having crucial dates occur during major holiday periods. In most cases InternetNZ is expected to meet the MINIMUM time period specified.

  • Any individual or organisation may initiate the process of creating a new second level domain, or changing the definition of a current second level domain within `.nz', by sending a proposal to InternetNZ. The proposal should clearly set out the justification for the new domain with respect to these principles.
  • If the proposal fails to address these expectations it will be returned to the proposer for further development.
  • InternetNZ will post appropriate proposals on the Internet and advertise a REQUEST FOR DISCUSSION (RFD) on its mailing lists and appropriate discussion groups.
  • Not less than 60 nor more than 90 days after the RFD, InternetNZ will issue a REQUEST FOR VOTES on the proposal. This straw poll is intended to measure support for the proposal. The outcome will be non-binding.
  • The poll will take place by electronic mail with all voters submitting a standard ballot which will be distributed on relevant mailing lists and discussion groups. Votes will be accepted for the following 14 days.
  • Votes will be counted by InternetNZ or an agent appointed by InternetNZ. Ballots will be declared invalid if
    • they do not conform to the standard, or
    • more than one ballot is received from the same person (email address).
  • If in the straw poll, the proposal receives support from less than 70% of the votes cast, or receives less than 200 votes in total it will be rejected and no further consideration will be given. InternetNZ will not entertain a similar proposal for twelve months.
  • If the poll succeeds that applicant will be required to pay a non-refundable application fee of NZ$1000.00 (one thousand NZ dollars) to advance the proposal.
  • InternetNZ will issue a REQUEST FOR SUBMISSIONS on its mailing lists and appropriate discussion groups and other appropriate outlets. The period for submissions will be not less than 30 no more than 60 days. All submissions will be posted on the Internet for public review.
  • At the first meeting of the InternetNZ Council following the close of submissions, the Council will issue an INTERIM DECISION . The interim decision will be widely distributed to the Internet community, to the community associated with the proposed domain, and to the wider public.
  • Further submissions on the interim decision will be accepted for a period which will end 14 days before the following InternetNZ Council meeting.
  • A FINAL DECISION will be made by the InternetNZ Council at the first meeting following the meeting which issued the interim decision. This decision will be binding.

© 2000 The Internet Society of New Zealand
Last updated 8 May 2002

(Amendments: ISOCNZ changed to InternetNZ , and the fee level of NZ$1000 adopted at Council Meeting 27 October 2001 inserted - 31 October 2001, links updated - 8 May 2002)

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