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Overview of 2LD in .nz

Note : As of 14 October 2002 all activities in relation to the management of the New Zealand Namespace - .nz - are administered by the Office of the Domain Name Commissioner and can be found the Office's website - The Office of the Domain Name Commissioner is an operational arm of InternetNZ.


  • A proposal to create "" was received on 28 August 2002, and will be actioned now the "" proposal is complete. The
  • Request for Discussion opens December 5 2002.



Welcome to the InternetNZ pages devoted to second level names within .nz for Second Level Domains or 2LDs. These pages will be used in the management of any applications to create new 2LDs.The current second level domain names within .nz are:

.ac .co .cri .gen .govt .iwi .mil .net .org .school

In May 1997 the InternetNZ (formerly ISOCNZ) Council accepted the paper "Future Development of the .NZ Domain Name Space". This paper set up principles that should govern all second level domain names and established a process (fee level set October 2001) for creating new 2LDs. Read the historical document for more background.


"" [2002 - Complete]

"" [2001 - Complete - 2LD established]

"" [2000 proposal - Complete]

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