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The Future of the .nz Domain Name Space

Status: Historical : This Document represents historical policy development. For current Policy go to Second Level Domains Index

The Internet Society of New Zealand has established a working group to maintain and develop DNS Policy. That working group consists of John Hine (chair), Liam Greenwood, Rodney Prescott and John Vorstermans. This group is now considering level two domain names.

Changes to the current level two domain space were initially discussed at the 1996 ISOCNZ Forum. Subsequently a call for public submissions was issued. The deadline for submissions was 14 February, 1997. While late submissions will be accepted, the degree to which they will influence the development of DNS Policy may be reduced.

This page serves as a single starting point for relevant documents including existing policy and submissions received.

Existing Policy ISOCNZ Policy

Existing ISOCNZ Policy with respect to the .nz domain is contained in three documents:

Background to ISOCNZ DNS Involvement
Policy Governing NZ's Domain Name Structure
Registry Fee Structure

Revisions to the Policy Governing NZ's Domain Name Structure were made on 13 January. The Domain Registry has logged queries with respect to these revisions.

Generic Top Level Domains

An International Ad Hoc Committee has recently issued its final report creating seven new generic top level domains and providing for establishment of up to 28 new registrars.


ISOCNZ has received the following submissions on the development of the .nz domain.

  • Martin Kealey
  • David Farrar
  • Arron Scott
  • Donald McKellar
  • The Domain Name Company
  • Rex Croft
  • Mark Robinson
  • John Hardcastle
  • Patrick O'Brien
  • NETregistry
  • Stuart Yeates
  • Dominic Baron
  • Web Designers of New Zealand
  • Informate
  • Jeremy Baker
  • Clive Elliot
  • Roger Hicks
  • Telecom Internet Services
  • Joop Teernstra
  • Te Kohanga Reo National Trust
  • Father Serafim
  • Mark Cubey
  • Philip Tremewan
  • Brenda Tahi
  • Hinemoana Baker
  • John Waldon
  • Martin Kealey
  • Hera White
  • INZ
  • Wiremu Kaa

The Working Group will be accepting further submissions and comment on submission through 20 March. At that point it will begin development of a report for the May ISOCNZ Council Meeting.

Send your comments here or using the similar facility at the bottom of each submission.

© 1999 The Internet Society of New Zealand

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