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Report to Council .maori 13/04/02 2LD Application Update

On March 12th the results of the straw poll for this application was made.

The results were as follows:

  • For: 1490 (91.7%)
  • Against: 131 (8.1%)
  • Abstain: 2 (0.2%)
  • Total: 1623

This passed both the requirement of having 200 votes cast as well as having at least 70% support of votes. The application was deemed to have completed this stage and was allowed to continue in the review process.

The next stage in the process is the payment of a non-refundable fee. Please note that due to a policy change future 2LD applications require a $1,000 + GST refundable fee to be paid at time of application which then becomes non refundable at this point.

Upon consultation with the applicant it was determined that a fee of $500 + GST would apply to the application. This was for 2 reasons:

  1. No fee amount was set at time of the lodgement of the application, and,
  2. Earlier conversations with InternetNZ by the applicant had lead them to believe that the fee would be less than $1,000.

The following is verbatim from the 2LD creation policy document.

ISOCNZ will issue a REQUEST FOR SUBMISSIONS on its mailing lists and appropriate discussion groups and other appropriate outlets. The period for submissions will be not less than 30 nor more than 60 days. All submissions will be posted on the Internet for public review.

At the first meeting of the ISOCNZ Council following the close of submissions, the Council will issue an INTERIM DECISION. The interim decision will be widely distributed to the Internet community, to the community associated with the proposed domain, and to the wider public.

The Request for Submission process is planned to be issued for 30 days and will be called in the middle of April with a close in mid May. This will then allow several weeks to review and aggregated submissions received and perform analysis on them. Before the submission process starts a procedure for handling the submissions will be put in place by the office. A summary of the submissions as well as the entire submissions will then be provided to council for the June 7th council meeting. It is also proposed that the applicant be provided time for a short (15 minutes) presentation on the application as well as to outline support in favour of it. It is also proposed that someone be approached to present any opposing views of the application.

This could be perhaps the author of a submission or in the absence of any obvious person I am willing to act as a proxy to present any opposing view in an impartial basis.

Due to the nature of the applicant I have allowed them time to provide the fee for this application but it must be received before the council meeting.

At this council meeting an interim ruling will be made which will then be issued. After this interim a further submission process occurs on the interim ruling and at the next council meeting a final ruling is made.

Steven Heath
2LD Application Convenor
April 4, 2002

© 2002 The Internet Society of New Zealand
Last updated 8 April 2002

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