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ENUM Task Force Proposed Terms of Reference December 2005

Sub-group: ENUM Task Force

Group Chair: Michael Sutton

Group Type: Task Force

ToR Date: 29 November 2005

End Date: Undefined


To guide the development of InternetNZ policy and workstreams relating to ENUM.


  • Develop a proposal for the introduction of ENUM and UCI (Universal
    Communications Identifier) for New Zealand.
  • Guide InternetNZ’s participation in the TCF-InternetNZ ENUM Steering Group.
  • Through the ENUM Taskforce and Steering Group, establish or participate in Working Groups with specific functions of developing a working model for ENUM in New Zealand.
  • Establish InternetNZ as the Registry for


  • Expend meeting budget as allocated.
  • Make recommendations to the Executive Director.

Reporting Line

  • The Task Force reports to Council through the Executive Director.

Delegated Authorities

  • None.

Notes applying to Sub-groups:

Governance Function.

This Sub-group will:

  • regularly report to Council and/or to the Society's office
  • meet regularly
  • keep a written record of meetings
  • make recommendations to Council or the Executive Director within its mandated area of expertise on activities deemed as appropriate for the Society.

N.B. Sub-groups are restricted in authority to make recommendations to Council, or where specified to the Executive Director. Formal decisions made within Sub-group can only be applied to internal Committee or Task Force procedures and processes. All external works can only be undertaken with Council approved authority on recommendation from the Sub-group. On Council approval work is handed over to the Executive Director and the Executive Director will be tasked to:

a) undertake contract negotiations with the contractor if the Committee has undertaken the formal process of contractor selection in accordance with the Society's procurement policy; or

b) undertaking the formal process of contractor selection in accordance with the Society's procurement policy and in undertaking contract negotiations.

All direct contact with external parties is through the Executive Director.

Meetings. Meetings shall be scheduled in advance for the forthcoming year and the schedule published. The Sub-group will meet regularly and at least four times F2F during the year. Once scheduled, a meeting date or location may be altered or cancelled only for sufficient cause by majority vote at a regularly constituted meeting of the Sub-group. Notice of such approved change shall be mailed to all members of the Sub-group and notified to the Office of the Society not less than five days before the original or the new date of said scheduled meeting, whichever is earlier. In addition, the Sub-group may also meet by tele/video conference.

Budget. The Sub-group can expend its authorised meeting budget but all such expenditures must be notified and justified to the Office of the Society. No expenditures in excess of the authorised budget will be permitted without the prior authorisation of the Executive Committee.

Minutes of Meetings . Meeting notes or Minutes of all meetings of the Sub-group shall be circulated to all Committee Members.

Sub-group Reports. Written Reports to Council will be produced regularly and will be structured and include the agenda discussed, Sub-group Members in attendance, time and place of the meeting. When items discussed at the meeting give rise to recommendations to Council, the recommendations will be included at the end of the report and highlighted for easy reference.

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